The original Columner was made by Mathieu Hardiviller. I have updated this theme for Indexhibit 2+ and displayed how it works well with a variety of exhibit formats. If you want to give us credit on your site that would be much appreciated. Be sure to link to Indexhibit, too!

Please pardon the silly texts and images - it's just a demo site and let's not take everything too seriously. All of these photos are my own. Yes, I realize that I should have used classic images of Greek columns but I don't want to violate anybody's copyrights (even if they are open sourced or whatever).

Who are you?

I'm Vaska. I co-founded and created the Indexhibit CMS. I'm currently seeking work opportunities, too.

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What is Indexhibit?

Created in 2006, Indexhibit is a no-nonsense archival, archetypal, content management system (CMS) made especially for artists and designers but can suit the needs of other people as well.

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